Below are some interesting questions about THC and CBD as well as common questions received at our office.  Submit questions and we can answer them here for you.

1. THC content has increased over time in cannabis?


That said, high THC chemovars should not be equated to quality.

2. Should THC content be the sole determinant for selection?


Consumers deserve complete info on cannabinoid and terpenoid content, as well has pesticide assays, etc.

3. CBD imparts a berry flavor?


CBD, like all cannabinoids, is tasteless. Taste, good or bad, derives from the terpenoid entourage.

4. CBD helps the effects of cannabis to last longer?


CBD will delay and blunt peak high of THC while prolonging the overall effect.

5. Is CBD found in old school chemovars?


Acapulco Gold and Panama Red would have been high-THC chemovars with no CBD at all. Their unique effects would have been attributable to particular terpenoid profiles.

6. Frequent use of high-THC cannabis damages your hippocampus?

No, not permanently.

It is true to say that susceptible adolescents should not be sitting around smoking dabs all day to the exclusion of more salutary activities. However, it has never been demonstrated that any amount of cannabis over time leads to permanent damage that cannot be reversed after 30 days of abstinence. It is true in many studies that CBD mitigates THC-associated harms and reduces risks of tolerance, cognitive impairment, etc.

7.  Is there any medical evidence for the use of cannabis in medicine?


Health Canada’s 158-page publication, ‘Information for Health Care Practitioners’ with exactly 1,000 references and citations in its Reference List is a good place to begin learning:


8.  I need legal help with my use of cannabis for medical purposes?

I am not a lawyer so for definitive legal advice, you must seek a lawyer.  A good resource is the the FAQ on 

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